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Default Re: Would you buy Home Theater gear on EBay?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Well, Moose, a good dealer is worth every extra penny as support when you need it is paramount.

Now to address your quote...

Odds are it would cost less than $1K to fix any sub if it went bad, much of the production cost is cabinet and R&D, so materials are relatively cheap.

If it was broken in transport, then it should cost you nothing as you SHOULD insure it when you buy it......

I have bought much audio gear used and never had a problem, other than ones I caused and had to resolve. When I shipped properly (and for used gear sometimes this means paying for a mailboxes place to pack and ship, which is not cheap, but they will guarantee it gets there safe and sound) I've always had a successful deal.
The stuff I usually purchase is so ancient that "support" is a non-issue anyway. My latest acquisition is about 30 years old, and its original maker has been bought and sold several times, and the company is now in China of all places to end up.
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