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Default Re: Online Reverse Auction site with cheap items

You want a Fun web site check this one out “” Best thing since peanut butter and jelly was invented. (No! this is not an advertisement) When you go there you will see what I mean. And if you feel I wasted 10 seconds of you life, come back and tell me. (But that will probably cost you another 10 seconds) Enjoy.

You'll get 2 free bids for registering!

But unlike other auction websites, as a result of paying per bid, you can pick up some amazing bargains, here is how:

* Each auction starts at $0.
* Each time a bid is placed, the price goes Bidding on Rocky Bid is exciting, fun, and can result in some amazing bargains! Here is how it works:

Unlike most auctions where bidding is free, on Rocky Bid you pay per bid. But don't worry we give you up ether $0.01 or $0.15 depending on the auction.
* Each time a bid is placed, the time extends by 15 seconds.
* The winner is the last person to bid when the timer reaches zero.

If you lose one auction, don't worry, you can use the value of the bids to pay the price of a future winning auction within 30 days

Also, when you purchase bids we give you points to use in our store to get free gifts and exciting discounts.

Of course, we have added a couple of extras to make things easier. The Bid Buddy allows you to automate your bidding. Just enter in the minimum and maximum price and the number of bids that you want to use and the system will bid for you!
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