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Default Re: How to choose a good and appropriate DVD Ripper for you

Originally Posted by anniebehrman View Post
I think it's legal for personal use, not for commercial use.
Many feel the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 has eliminated the personal use rulings of prior years for digital material. Basically the act says it is illegal to defeat the DRM of digital media, which the ripper has to defeat in order to make a copy, thus making it illegal. That opinion by some, many actually, is why I said "US members should be aware that ripping DVDs may be prohibited by US law." Note the use of the word may. I said may because of the prior Supreme Court rulings about personal use for analog tape. The other side relies on this ruling, but it may be that since that was for an analog copy, it does not apply to digital copies. Until the Supreme Court make a ruling about the issue of digital copies, the DMCA is said to have replaced the earlier ruling for digital copies.
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