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Default Re: Marantz vs Rotel vs Anthem

I currently use a Lexicon MC-12B prepro (not the HDMI version) and am still trying to figure out what to replace it with. I am reasonably satisfied with the audio capability of the Lexicon and prefer to maintain at least that level of audio capability.

Two possibilities are the Classé SSP 800 and the Anthem Statement D2. I had been leaning towards the Classé, but they still do not decode the high def audio and no one can provide definitive information on the subject. I am not going to sink $8K into something that doesn't produce the high def codecs.

I have read a few reviews on the Anthem Statement D2 and they are all fairly impressive, especially the video switching and ARC. Does anyone have any experience with this unit and, if so, what are your impressions regarding its audio performance. I am convinced the video performnce is splendid.

Thanks for any help.
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