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Default Re: Exchange your WB hd dvd's for Blu-Ray!

Originally Posted by Westcoaster View Post
Interesting plan, sooth the nerves of those who might still harbour ill will about Blu-Ray?

At least I have a number of players that can playback my HDDVD collection.

So it gets down to the need for a Blu-Ray copy, locally I can rent a BD Movie for $2.99 so there doesn't seem to be a need to pay to have the honor of owning the BD version of a disc I already have... (my 2 cents)
That's a great point. I would not be interested in the program either. I've recorded most of my HD DVD discs to 1080i m2ts files on my server, so I don't need Blu discs.

There are people who have HD DVDs with no player though yet still have some HD DVD discs. Either their player died or it was sold because they just don't want two HD players in their system. Spouses can enter into this area as well if it becomes confusing as to which player to use for a given media. I know, I know, it's not every spouse!!!

So for some who like having physical media, this could be a valuable service, but not for everyone.
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