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Default Re: Amazon is having another Blu-ray sale.

Originally Posted by Butch View Post
I'm with Wes. Why aren't there more new releases being offered on BD?

Can anybody please explain to me why BD titles are $30 and DVD's are $20. Seems like the same plastic disc to me. Why would one cost significantly more than the other? What difference could the content make in the overall cost? It's bits being recorded. I don't find any difference in cost (to me) between burning JPEG's or FLAC to a disc.
My guess for both issues you brought up is the cost of licensing the technology. People who were praying for the demise of HD DVD did not realize they were giving Blu-ray a blank check, I guess. There is very little difference in the physical media cost, that I'd agree with. And I never had a dog in the HDM fight, but I always wanted them both to succeed to both encourage more titles as well as competition.

I see other ways to get HD material that are much more economical than Blu-ray and that's the route I've chosen to create my collection. I currently have over 200 HD movies on my hard disks. I use the Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR Video Capture device to capture them from my DVR or another computer at 1080i and the quality is as good as the broadcast HD quality. While this is not at the disc media level, for sure, it is good enough to satisfy my needs.
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