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Default Re: wireless ethernet adapter for av receiver

Just buy one of the Vudu wireless bridge kits from their online store. It's made by "asus" and a really nice unit.
It's a pre-paired wireless access bridge. One small box that plugs into your homes router via a Cat 5e cable. Then another unit that plugs via Cat 5e into your receiver. The two pieces talk to each other using wireless internet secure protocols...the nice thing being that you don't have to configure ANYTHING. Just plug and play and it works right out of the box.

There's not admin config page that you have to edit or modify, etc.

Note: the unit that will plug into your receiver is intended to obtain AC power from a USB port. Assuming your receiver doesn't have a USB port to provide it with power, you'll just need to get a basic AC to USB power adapter from local Radio Shack.

Goto the Vudu store online to buy the product. It can't be found online anywhere else. It can't be purchased thru distributors or Vudu resellers (like myself) for any cheaper than what you see posted online. It's also not sold by Asus as a stand alone or non-Vudu product. Give it a a like a champ !
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