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Default Re: Is there any tool for me??

Originally Posted by vagh111 View Post
Hello everybody, there are a lot of sites that offer different videos. What I do, is collect the most interesting videos that are available online. Often, the ones I check out are good but many times I land up on a page that has no video or nothing to match my interest. I am looking for a solution to this, a tool that can help me to make my browsing more specific and can prevent the openings of non-related sites.
Actually you can use google. Just type in (or copy & Paste) these:
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” wmv
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” mp4
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” avi
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” flv
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” mpg
Indexes of other file types like mp3 can also be found this way. Artists or titles can also be searched. For grins use this:
-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:”index of” mp3 “beethoven”
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