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Default Sony VPL-VW70 Projector

Sony has placed the VPL-VW70 at the top position of their current home cinema projector line. I found the design to be reminiscent of the Playstation 3 shell, but with a refined, stylish grace. The midnight black, curved panels on the upper and lower sections of the unit are slick, glossy and frame the unit perfectly. The position of the cooling fans is indiscernible and the front of the projector features a motorized lens cover that effortlessly slides open when the power is turned on. It would almost be a shame to hide the projector from view in a custom home theater installation.

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The only thing for me that I find weak on this otherwise superb projector is the light output. Like most 1080p projectors it seems to be a bit weak. Too bad the review didn't say what the image size was as tested. According to at Sony-VPL-VW70 Projection Calculator the max recommended screen width is 85" and that's with low ambient light, of course you would want that anyway. People who want a 100" plus screen would need a projector with higher light output, I would think.
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