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Default Re: A Blueprint For the Future of High-Resolution, 5.1 Music

Originally Posted by timbre4 View Post
We want more surround product in DVD-A or SACD because we have the equipment and the space to enjoy them. We don't need an iPod per se, perhaps that is just a buzzword here that the format needs an attention getting killer app.
An excellent clue to solving this mystery!

Millions of 5.1 hi-res systems are already in place (ie. offering advanced razor blades to people who already own the razors?)

From my humble perspective, the industry execs who keep insisting that consumers only care about the simplicity, convenience and low price of music downloads, are ignoring how many expensive steaks are still being sold in fancy restaurants (with no golden arches or drive-thru windows!)

Two different business models, but both can be profitable.

The real questions are... how many people truly care about Hi-Res music recordings that offer no TV picture to focus on... and why would they pay real money for these new releases?

1) Recent advancements can result in perfect replications.

The recent advancements in microphones, electronic boxes and Hi-Res digital recording gear, can deliver an unprecedented sonic realism that is so lifelike that we can see and feel the music, even without a picture.

I fully understand the mass trend towards lo-res downloads. But I also know that MILLIONS of people are continually upgrading their sound systems, and will always be seeking out great-sounding content that fully exploits this expensive gear.

2) Many CLASSIC recordings are timeless works of art!

Older paintings increase in value over time, yet the finest music recordings of each era are supposed to be relegated to downloadable compressed files??

I honestly believe that there are hundreds of artists and labels who are leaving money on the table by not committing to a coherent Hi-Res marketing plan that re-introduces their finest recordings.

3) Surround mixes paint the entire room.

Stereo recordings provide the artists and engineers with a single wall on which to paint their musical visions, while Hi-Res 5.1 surround enables them to vividly paint the entire room.

To old-school diehards there is often a resistance to such creative freedom, as if there is something unnatural about listening to voices and instruments that are coming from all directions.

To the rest of us, we simply load in the 5.1 re-mix of Boys II Men "Yesterday", with the four vocalists re-mixed into the four corners of the room --- literally transforming a decent re-make, into a stunning tribute to this all-time Beatles classic.

4) Live concerts can sound pretty dead in stereo.

Since the advent of stereo, ALL live recordings have been forced to blend the audience sounds together with the music tracks, as if the crowd was originally on stage with the musicians. Huh?

In Hi-Res 5.1 surround, the audience is directly placed into the rear channels and balanced into the sides, is if we are sitting right there in the crowd… even when there is no picture!

5) Turn that screen off while you’re driving!

The latest CEA statistics confirm that factory and aftermarket installations are continually being upgraded to accommodate DVD 5.1 playback.

But needless to say, the video screen needs to be off, whenever there is nobody in the car besides the driver.

So wouldn't it be nice for all of us road warriors to have a collection of great-sounding new music discs in the glovebox... especially when our Bluetooth earpiece battery dies out?

At this point, we can only dream about what might happen if ALL of these factors were CUMULATIVELY taken into re-consideration by a select group of influential music execs.

And for those of you shaking your heads sideways, let’s re-visit this story in November, after the sales results are announced for the new Led Zeppelin re-issues in MULTIPLE media configurations: Jimmy Page Online


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