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Exclamation Re: What cables do you use?

Originally Posted by Loves2Watch View Post
Well said, my friend, well said.
I use the aforementioned Blue Jeans cables, a company in Seattle; first, because they will cheerfully provide me with custom length cables with the connectors I want (90 degree or straight, on both ends or a 90 at one end, straight at the other), and can also provide me with several cable colors, all of which allows me to perform a much neater, organized installation where I can actually follow a cable.
Also, they use high quality cables and connectors for sane prices. And they are honest and truthful, no subjective opinions or arguments, profit motivated hype, no Grecian names to imply etherial qualities, but instead, contrary to most in the industry, actually make an honorable effort to make objective observations and to provide customers with an honest product at an honest price.
Cables are subject to the laws of physics, a science based on actual rigorous examination and honest testing, not the Dark Ages characteristic opinions based upon hopes and anxieties and prejudices of the ignorant and those who cynically manipulate those customers who lack knowledge in physics and chemistry for a gross profit. For those prices, I would expect cables made of pure silver conductors, and even then the sole benefit is slightly lower resistance at a higher cost than that warrants and the profiteers know this. I wonder why I have never heard of anyone checking to see what cables NASA uses? Or the military? I saw that some poor, deluded fool tried to sell his 8' pair of speaker cables for about $8,000.00 on Ebay. Lord only knows what price he had paid for them. His description had a religiosity that betrayed his lack of scientific logic, relying instead on Dark Ages methods of forming opinions. My old friend Bob Carver, founder of Phase Linear, the first amp with sufficient power (which i had impelled him to help me build back in the late 60s), and of Sunfire, and I joked about how the the public can still be led astray by opinions based on absolutely nothing factual but believe in a religious-like fervor.
I still recall how much static I got from people who insisted that 150 watts RMS was more power than anyone needed and that my quest for an amplifier that was far more powerful, at least 700 watts RMS amounted to HERESY! Ah, a word that harkens to Dark Ages reaction to logic and science! But who of these opinionated, self appointed "authorities" ever considered even the 3 db "rule", where incremental increases in perceptive loudness has been shown to require approximately a doubling of power for each increment? That is a daunting consideration no one wanted to think about! And who says 150 watts RMS is the ceiling for power and "more than enough" power for any application?
There is a reason for the Dark Ages being called such, and why the Enlightenment describes the inroads of scientific thinking over subjective, biased opinions of self-appointed 'authorities" who perpetuated ignorance during that sad era. Why go backwards simply because its much easier and, to some, more enjoyable , to form opinions from nothing factual than it is to enlighten with the more difficult to obtain facts based on truth obtained by effective analysis and EFFECTIVE, UNBIASED testing. Who wants to go back to the ways of the Dark Ages? Ah, certain cable manufacturers, their purveyors, and their dupes!!
My name is David Ladely and I approve of this message.

Recently, I read of a double blind test where they not only had a number of speaker cables for testing, they also welded together steel coat hangers. The results: proof that, not only could the listeners not determine any difference between the speaker cables, they couldn't hear the difference between the cables and the coat hangers!! Needless to say, the cable industry and their dupes don't want to think about the implications of that scientific test!

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