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Default Re: What cables do you use?

Originally Posted by DaveLadely View Post
Here is your mini review:
Your theory that cable cost should have any connection to cost of system is a promulgation of the same sales pitch of audio salespeople and the cable manufacturers who want to profit from you and no other reason - simply because all the arguments justifying expensive cables are entirely based on subjective opinions and the power of suggestion. Even Home Theater Magazine, after actually doing a true "double blind" test, admitted no one could tell any difference between cables. Belden also did "double blind" testing, with the same results.
The greatest fear of the proponents of these cables is a true "double blind" test, which they avoid like the plague, some because they have a profit motive, others because they have managed to fool themselves but simply will not admit it.
The thinking is the same as was prevalent during the dark ages, where opinions were accepted without rigorous examination and actual testing, not testing where the subjects knew which tested item was which, but one where they could not know and so the biases, opinions, testimonials, sales pitches, were rendered harmless to seeking the factual truth.
I had occasion to speak to an owner of Blue Jeans Cable in Seattle, WA, who is well aware of this and who does not spread or support the hype, they simply sell good cables for sane prices, and do not attach Greek names to imply some esthetic to what is a very simple electrical component which, at the frequencies involved, has no trouble whatever the brand or price as long as they are not actually defective.
I dare anyone to properly run a true double blind test on their own. Without cheating.
So, please don't spread the ignorance, keep it to yourself, because all you are doing is spreading Dark Age style ignorance and thereby helping the profiteers obtain more victims.

Dave Ladely
Well said, my friend, well said.
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