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Default Re: Confuse to buy TV

Originally Posted by xsavoie View Post
Not exactly the info on the specific models I asked for,but thanks just the same.By the way,it seems that I have never seen a good TV station picture from any LCD or Plasma TV sets displayed in the stores,but when a DVD movie is shown,it looks great.As you probably have guessed it by now,I own neither an LCD or Plasma TV yet.Forgive my ignorance,but is this normal.Are TV signals just not up to par yet with the HD part of these new TV'S,or are the old regular TV'S superior to the plasma and LCD TV'S in that aspect.Just wondering.Did I miss something.
You has ask nice question (Nothing for ignorance) Sometime our TV resolution doesn't set. We have to set the picture quality according to our need. We should use the next highest input resolution. Generally any good plasma TV should has 720p resolution.

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