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I agree with your first thoughts.... the Panasonic plasma DOES have the better picture... and once you've had a modern plasma, going onto lcd is a step backwards, in my opinion. Here in London, I recently sold off my 65" Panasonic plasma (from their range last summer) to replace it with....a Panasonic Professional 65VX100.... which is the world's most advanced plasma bar none. I had to BEG their PRO division to get me one... and mine was the very first one sold here in the UK in January (according to Panasonic Pro division). Brightness, contrast are simply not an issue anymore,colour to die for, and they are taking the lead and flying the flag for plasma, now that Pioneer has dropped out... which IS a real shame... I can assure you that I would rate any consumer Panasonic plasma from the current/last range over any lcd regardless of price...
Your first reaction says it all, and is no big suprise! Your Panasonic plasma WAS really better... in the areas where YOU expected the picture to be better, and that's why you cannot attain your expectations even after tweeking the lcd... I recently saw a pre-production model of a 56" Phililps 21:9 lcd model (Panavision aspect!), and was not impressed.... Movies and Sport in HiDef simply look better on a plasma, and Panasonic's plasma are also KINDER to low resolution public terestrial digital broadcasts... which, in the Uk, are pretty poor.... So when you are done with the tweeking, and remain unsatisfied, return the set...
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