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Question Where to get turntables repaired...?

It's such obscure tech these days, and yet when something so ANALOG as a turntable needs fixing, someone has to be able to do it. All those moving parts...the belts, motors, springs, switches, etc.

I have a '90s vintage Harmon Kardon semi-auto turntable which switches the belt-drive motor on when the tonearm is moved over the platter. The switch must be corroded, because it often takes 5-10 minutes after setting down before the platter starts to rotate. This must be a simple $10 part and an hour of labor to fix, then the deck would work good as new. I can't find any company in the Southern California area that works on devices this old.

Anyone know of a good technician who still works on turntables? If not in California, I'd consider shipping it out of state if it were less expensive than buying a new player.

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