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Default Re: Sony to launch $100M ad campaign for Blu-Ray

I agree with what you guys are saying, I haven't had any issues yet but I have the "all Sony Plan" working here, all my gear except the DirecTV HDDVR is top line Sony gear & everything is playing well together, we'll see how that holds up the first of next month when I add a new HDMI AV receiver to the mix (but that too is looking to keep the Sony DNA in the bloodline with the 5300ES)

While I'm far from an electronics expert I'm still the guy my friends & family call when they are wanting to buy something new or have bought something new & need help setting it up, & I can tell you that handshake problems will freak out Joe 6 Pack!
I still go to peoples houses who have bought a new HDTV & don't have a HD signal going in to them, they just hook up their old cable box & see the "in High Definition where available" when the prime time show starts & assume they have HD!
Most people aren't going to know any more about a HDCP handshake than I know what makes a worman tick (but that's another story!) when they get a blue screen they will think it's broken.
The one cable hook up is very appealing to me but unless they want to send the "Geek Squad" out to everyone who buys a piece of HDMI equipment there are going to be a lot of ticked off people & a lot of open box specials!

Once most people see a good HD picture they'll never go back, but they must be able to set it up with out having to study the owners manual for hours or call customer service to ask why all they get is a blue screen.

This may be hard for a lot of people to believe but Dale Earnhart Jr will introduce to & influence a lot of people to look at both HDTV & Blu-Ray.
NASCAR fans are rabid & extremely loyal & Jr's fans are in the millions & more rabid than most, they drink his beer, they wear his jeans, they drive his car & they will buy his TV & Blu-Ray.
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