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Default Re: Audiophile APS 1050 Power Conditioner - More Than A Power Strip In A Box?

Originally Posted by firedog View Post

Would you say the apc products are audiophile quality?

I'm not looking for regeneration/backup, just protection from spikes and surges.

Welcome to the forum!

Do you have a lot of spikes and surges? If so, the regeneration would be recommended, otherwise a high joule rated surge protection may be all you need.

There are two different issues here. Spikes and surges usually indicate widely fluctuating power source which protection can't address by itself. If you are experiencing brown outs or voltage dips, the regeneration would be the way to go.

Here is some further general information on the subject: Power Conditioners vs. UPS

While that discusses UPS units, much of the discussion would also apply to regeneration conditioners.
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