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Default U-verse Photos

U-verse Photos On Your HDTV
A new feature that has been added to the U-verse basket of capabilities is the ability to store your pictures online and display them on your TVs via the U-verse set top box. Basically the procedure is simple, you upload your photos to your account then call them up on your U-verse set top box. Simple that is once you have done it!

To get started you first need to get set up at and even if you already have joined flickr, you must join using your yahoo ID that matches the AT&T account. Itís the same one that you use for the remote DVR access. That is how the U-verse set top box knows where to look for your photos online.

To set up your flickr account it is very easy. Just go to and sign up using your AT&T Yahoo ID. Then to upload your photos use the Upload Photos and Videos link on the home page. The next steps to select the photos you want to upload should be pretty easy to follow. Note: Even though you can upload video clips to flickr, they will not play on the U-verse set top box. I donít know if there are any plans to add this feature in the future, but as of now they donít play.

While at the flickr site you can organize your photos in sets, which is like folders, to create different groups of photos for ease in selecting later. Each set will become a separate slide show.

To call up your photos on your TV go to channel 91 or alternately you can use the MENU > Interactive > Online Photos. Once the Online Photos page is shown then press OK as indicated to start the online photos. Be patient here as it may take a while for the Photo Sets menu to show up.

Then you select the photo set you wish to view and the first photo in that set will be displayed on your TV along with a menu for further selections that can be made from your remote. It is just that simple!

From used with permission
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