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Wink Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

Wow!!! All of you are comming up with the names and models of some beautiful vintage speakers. What memories!!!!! My main system, which is a Quad system, (remember Quad!! SQ, QS, CD-4?? I know that you do) uses my ESS origional AMT's in the rear and a pair of ESS AMT monitors that are bi-amped in the front. ESS is still my all time favorite speaker. Used with a good sub-woofer, I don't have much dust on the rafters for I listen to a lot of Theater and Classical organ, as well as good old Rock and Roll. I also have another system that I can switch my AR 3A's and AR 2's in for listening. All of my systems are powered by vintage tube equipment.

Living in New Hampshire, vintage tube equipment does two things; Number 1, provide "fantastic sound" and number 2, a bunch of KT-88's glowing greatly reduces the heating bill!!!
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