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The Service
As far as the service goes, you can get up to four video streams and two, yes just two, can be HD. This means the realistic limit for the quantity of TVs watching different programs is 4 with only two of them being HD, again any of the HD programs can be watched on all TVs. They are working on getting more HD streams and we have been told sometime next year... maybe. Also the DVR can record up to the 4 streams as well, but again only two can be HD and if the DVR is recording all four streams, all the TVs can only watch any of the same HD programs that are being recorded. The reason why the 4 stream limit is unlike a cable service that sends every channel to your house, the IPTV service U-verse only sends the channel video stream that a box requests. That is why they are able to service TV over basically phone wires which have a lot less capacity than coax cable.

Receiver Front

Receiver Rear

Again, there can only be two HD streams, so if you have three receivers only two of them can watch HD at any given time. If you are watching and recording a HD program in the living room, should you try to tune a third HD channel on another receiver it will warn you about the HD stream being in use. It will also give you the option of interrupting the other receiver, but on at least one occasion when I tried that it locked up the two receivers. This occurred when the system was first installed, but lately interrupting another TV has not been an issue.

I have recorded a HD program and the DVR unit interrupted another receiver that I had left on a HD channel without a problem. That receiver had an on screen message that it had been interrupted. I tuned the affected receiver to a SD channel and it switched as you would expect.

So it seems the best approach may be to put a receiver on a SD channel or turning it off so the HD stream will be available to other receivers without conflict.

From used with permission.

pp Overall I have been very pleased with the U-verse service and as you can see in post #1, they have a boatload of HD channels and adding more all of the time. They started with about 20 HD channels, now much more.
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