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Originally Posted by gem1201 View Post
Plasma is definitely better and Panasonic makes some of the best. I've been in the audio field for almost 40 yrs working retail and with manufactures. I dont know where you bought your LCD and I'm not saying that your salesman was dishonest but there are various shall I say " tricks " that are played on the sales floor from way back when. A favorite one was do to the profitbility between some manufactures those sets that were more profitable were usually made to look better on the sales floor then the ones that werent. Also manufactures have spiff programs which could force a salesman to recommend one set over another. If a salesman lets you adjust the color and compare between sets thats where I would shop. Also another favorite trick is shopping for speakers which again has to do with profitbility and spiffs. If a speaker is connected out of polarity, that is + to -, - to +, The woofer will not push outward giving you a decrease in bass response. I agree with the majority of people here that plama is better then LCD any day.

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No salesman recomended this set over another and all of the tv's had a pretty decent picture. I spent time studying a dozen reviews on this tv and all were highly favorable if not outright implying that the Samsung ln52a750 was a top tier set. I have tweaked the set several times as every web site has different numbers for the optimum picture.Some vastly different than others wich I don't understand. My picture is better now than when I first turned it on due to tweaking but still not where I want it.
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