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Default Beverly Hills "Post and Beam" Masterpeice

This 1950's post and beam style home is owned by an art collector and was remodeled by Marmol Radziner. The home theater and home automation was done by Tim Duffy and Chrtistopher Hansen of Simply Home Entertainment.

This house is INCREDIBLE. I was there for the shoot and the photos don't really show how well the art works in the home. Its basically a $20,000,000 plus 3 bedroom palace. THe outdoor areas are incredible including the two HDTV gardens. Kalidescape video is piped everywhere. The view is incredible. A ReQuest music server has cool playlists going as you walk past original Andy Warhol paintings, Dan Flavin scupltures (neon lights) and Duchamp (an acutal toilet) as well as Damien Hirst install peices.

If I were to vote: so far, this is my favorite project to date. Star Wars themed theater is close for its over-the-top execution of a crazy project.
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