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Thumbs down Re: A Blueprint For the Future of High-Resolution, 5.1 Music

Why all the talk about back catalogs? Granted the people who would be most interested in re-purchasing Pink Floyd, Queen, and Jimi are well established, but they, in general, do not make up the bulk of music buyers, at least not in the US. Even though they have the means doesn't make them (us) the best target.

I'm fairly certain that the music industry, what's left of it, lives and dies based on new releases. The number of new releases in either SACD or DVD-A was patheticly low. How could they ever have expected it to take off like that? Even without digital rights management that model sucks.

They might be successful if they focus on new releases and make it simple (HDMI?). The previous Hi Def audio formats we way too complicated and expensive and the media was far too limiting to be of much value or interest.

I hope someone comes up with a viable Hi Def audio format and media distribution system that we can all live with. I have my fingers crossed.

Michael K. Craghead
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