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I would also agree that plasma gives the best picture assuming you have a tightly light controlled room for it. In brightly lit rooms like mine though, I think they are miserable. The reflections are a deal killer for me. I can't think of anything more annoying that to watch myself watch TV. And as far as blacks being better, while they are definitely, again in a light controlled room, I have noticed they are actually darker than what I see in theaters. I've also noticed on HDNet Movies (which shows a lot of movies with letterboxing) that the dark scenes allways seem to be a bit lighter than the letterbox bars. That tells me that the black is not available in the picture source, so in that case I don't feel I'm getting a lesser picture.

I watch a lot of sports and my LCD is every bit as good as any plasma I've seen because of there is not really any dim pictures during a game.
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