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Default Re: John Mayer's Continuum is an amazing record

I got hip to John Mayer via (of all places) Chapelle's Show before Dave freaked out, blew his gig and went to Africa to smoke weed and feel sorry for himself.

I agree - Mayer's music is getting better and better. I hear a LOT of Jimi in him. A white guy Jimi - not the real deal but SRV was a white guy Jimi and he was OK with me!!!

I have one of his records in iTunes at the office and I have periodically noticed me paying attention to them which is significant considering how many songs there are in my main playlist (like 8000).

The idea of finding a new rock artist I like today is a REALLY good thing. I am tired of feeling bad about today's music. I want to talk with people about cool new bands I have found - specifically in the rock genre.
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