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Smile Re: A Blueprint For the Future of High-Resolution, 5.1 Music

We want more surround product in DVD-A or SACD because we have the equipment and the space to enjoy them. We don't need an iPod per se, perhaps that is just a buzzword here that the format needs an attention getting killer app:

I submit that the killer application is the Led Zeppelin catalog on DVD-A for example. The Beatles - Love DVD-A *must* have turned a few heads as to what is possible! Wow....5.1 music! Everything is in place, we just need access to catalog masters so that passionate engineers can create what we want.

With the demise of many audio stores and the cluelessness at retail, we might as well bypass brick & mortar for the most part and go direct.

Everyone here should know that Warner has quietly created becausesoundmatterscom. This week it started being populated with Warner related DVD-Audio titles so you might some that you missed back at the retail store that didn't even know where to file them.

I'd like to see everybody with DVD-A passion get over there and buy at least one DVD-A right now to show we are ready for more.

My personal goal is that we get the 5.1 mixes that were completed but never issued like Paul Simon - Graceland and Chicago - Chicago X, plus more catalog surround mixes as we go forward.

It's a glimmer of hope for high resolution surround so let's all get behind it!
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