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Cool Re: SACD Worth IT?

Just wanted to keep this thread alive by raving about my newest DTS 5,1 CD - Herb Albert's "Passion Dance". Incredible recording that really captures the percussion cleanly and presents a very detailed soundstage. Herb's horn shines around a group of great musicians, and if you close your eyes, or listen to in the dark (as I just did), it gives you the feeling of being in a small jazz club with an incredible latin band. The great thing about this is, you can find this disk on the cheap if you look for it. I found my copy on e-bay, and payed very little for a brand new, originally wrapped disk.

Keep up the faith, guys. It seems with the kids doing everything on IPods, the BluRay music releases might never get started, thus helping to keep these formats alive. I'm hoping that SACD and DVD-A disks keep on rolling, because I don't believe there is a market for people to buy BluRay music - I just don't see it. I'm doing my part to continue to buy SACD and DVD-A, because it's the best hope for superior fidelity in music. Currently, nothing else even seems to come close.

Oh, and by the way, the Elton John SACD's are the best SACD's that I own, IMHO. Superb remixes, coupled with the cleanest sound ever to grace Elton's early 70's recordings make them a must have for anyone that appreciates his early music.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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