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Default Re: Why do Home Theater seats have drink holders?

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
If they didn't have drink holders they would just be regular furniture & they wouldn't be able to charge a premium for them!
Have you ever been to the Pacific Design Center? This monstrosity of a building is like a high-end, west Hollywood shopping mall for everything in expensive furniture and they CHARGE A FORTUNE for the stuff!!! For example: in a moment of weakness I bought a Christian Liagre' chair. It took 7 months to come from France to their Chicago distribution point. I paid MANY thousands of dollars for it yet they charged me to ship it from Chicago to LA and then to deliver it on top of that.

Trust me - if there is a way to pry your money from you - an interior designer will find it. I have one that I use sometimes - mostly for color selections. That's about it
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