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Default Re: What concert video do you most want to see on HD DVD?

Originally Posted by D6500Ken View Post
I vote for Peter Gabriel's "Growing Up Live". INHD showed this a while back and it looks (and sounds) great!
I saw a clip from that when at Boston Acoustics last week during one of their demos. PG is TRULY great and his live show which I have seen over the years is one of the few that has a chance to get me out of my house and to a stadium. So many great songs. I love Tony Levin as well. Not the haircut as much as the Chapman Stick. What a great sound coming from such an odd instrument.

Music/concert videos have less legal issues to release in HD and I think you will see more of them before video paired with traditional albums. They are easy to shoot and a good money maker for all parties involved. The music isn't as tight as in the studio but so what. If the emotion is there and you can fight the urge to buy a $40 t-shirt - then all the better.
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