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That is good to know Andrew. I do not know of any Bryston dealers here in Westchester County or New York. So, I`ve never heard them. I did have the pleasure of listening last year at the High End Home Theater show, to Anthem electronics with Paradigm speakers. Full surround assault, starting with the title track of Cafe Blue, Patricia Barbers voice sounded great, my first listen to her. Then a full surround demo. To me, this was the best sound of the show!!
Can not argue with you about Mark Lev. But there is one company that to me sounds great over all like Mark, leaves no signature really of its own, and always plays without effort, MCINTOSH. The boys in Binghamton no what they are doing.
They still offer a 2 hour tour, I plan to take it. It goes over the assembly from nuts to bolts, faceplate, everything. But what to do after, there is nothing in Binghamton, N.Y.
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