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Default Re: Copy CD's to CD-R

Robert Harley wrote an interesting article about how CD's are produced back in early '08 in the 'Digital' edition of The Absolute Sound. In the article he explained how over time the master die used to press a CD can wear and produce pits with rounded edges causing the pick up laser difficulty in finding exactly where the pits begin and end. This causes the player to use its internal error correction algorithms to kick in. A CD-R does not have problems with pits. He suggested using a free software called Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to burn the CD to your hard drive and then burn it to CD-R.

I have been using EAC for over two years now and I can vouch for it's ability to reconcile all kinds of disc errors including scratched discs. The software will read and reread a track up to 80 times performing error correction to achieve the best bit for bit accuracy possible. I used EAC to make a copy of Pearl Jam 10 which would no longer play in my CD player because of the condition of the disc. Although it took EAC over 10 hours to rip it to my hard drive, it plays perfectly in its CD-R version.
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