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Default Re: A Blueprint For the Future of High-Resolution, 5.1 Music

YES !!! I DO believe that if people could hear the music they love (if they truly care about their music first), they WILL invest in "their music" again. I can tell you a story about myself and this scenario. I'm a disc jockey at the classic rock station in Kansas City. I've been on the air for 31 years here in town. So when I get home from work...the LAST thing I wanted to do is turn on more music. But when I discovered 5.1 surround sound, DTS style or DVD-Audio style, I was entranced !! For the first time, a high quality music format BROUGHT ME BACK TO THE MUSIC. And that was tough for someone like me to do.

Jerry and I have written back and forth many times about the slow death of DVD-Audio. It makes me sick...and I honestly think we didn't do a good enough job of educating the consumer about how awesome this format really is. I also think it's a total shame that DTS and severely cut back on producing audio discs-they are truely fantastic-I have many at home that I STILL enjoy listening to.

Instead of chronicalizing the slow death of high resolution music, we should be blazing the trail and forging the new direction for the future of high resolution music. Can we insure that it won't die all together????
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