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Default Re: PCM vs. HD audio codecs

Originally Posted by RRF743 View Post
Thanks a lot for the reply guys. What you all say makes sense. There is a huge difference between the dts-ma and the pcm-mix. If I sit in the front row of the theater I may not notice the surround backs not in use as much vs. sitting in the rear row. But Bluray needs to get on the ball with the 7.1 audio. There was a lot of advertisement in the big box stores and on dvd (pre-movie) about 7.1 lossless. The only disc I know of is Narnia. Do you know of any others?
Googled it, found this list - don't know how accurate it is:

It's actually quite a bit longer than I expected, if it's correct. Sounds like you have a real theater type setup that can benefit from the extra 2 channels. I'd still rather have lossless high resolution than the extra 2 channels (and PCM is lossless, high resolution, just like DTSMA and DTHD), but if you can get it all, then that's great, so motor on, friend!
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