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Default Re: A Blueprint For the Future of High-Resolution, 5.1 Music

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Major labels are sitting on a vault of music that could be a goldmine, but they are incapable of seeing that they can sell it over and over again in various formats, with meaningful changes and added values. Why is it that Microsoft can sell you a new operating system or a copy of MS Office every few years, but Sony Music cannot find a way to meaningfully repackage the Miles Davis catalog? Why is it that EA Sports can sell a copy of Madden Football to millions of gamers and football fans with incremental changes and improvements each year but MCA-Universal cannot find a way to release the Jimi Hendrix catalog on a format that gets you as close as technically possible to the master tape?

Well, there's the flaw in your argument right there.

Do you seriously believe that repackaging the Miles Davis catalog adds anything "meaningful"? Or that releasing Jimi Hendrix in *any* n.1 surround format is somehow closer to the master tape? (Much less releasing Jimi in any digital format...?)

Your premise is heinously skewed towards self-preservation of record labels and equipment manufacturers; it demonstrates no concern for the aesthetics or intentions of the original artists. The reason the public is not interested in yet another format for their music collection is because they're interested in the music first, and the artist second. Anything else is a very distant third.
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