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Default Re: Marantz vs Rotel vs Anthem

I haven't done any direct comparisons but have had Anthem and Rotel equipment in the past (an AVM20 and various Rotel preamps and amps) and have been very impressed and very happy with them. I know I would be very satisfied with either. I would go with the Rotel if my budget didn't stretch to the Anthem AVM50 or the Statement pieces (have been looking at the new Rotel preamp). I tried to check out the Rotel digital amps but my local dealer said I wouldn't like them (a dealer I won't go back to). I've read good reviews of the Marantz too.

I think Paradigm makes great speakers, I recently switched to a pair of PSB Imagine B's and love them. They replaced a set of Vienna Acoustic tower's (moved to a small apartment with thin walls so was trying to control the sound and thought the monitors would be easier to handle than the towers) which when I was in a house were amazing. I checked out some of the Paradigm's when shopping for the smaller speakers and just found I preferred the PSB's but that was what worked for me/my music - I still think I would have been very satisfied with the Paradigm's as well.

Sorry I'm not more definitive here.

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