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Smile PCM vs. HD audio codecs

I've finally given up on LG being able to come up with a firmware update to allow for their bh100 to play the new hd codecs in 5.1 or 7.1. They had an update in Feb. '09. that didn't do anything. So I took the plunge and picked up a BDP-S350. I wanted the panny 35k but they are hard to find without overpaying. My problem is I have a 7.1 theater (room is 14'x24') and love to use 7.1 all the time. The Dolby True hd 5.1 movies are not a problem getting 7.1 beause of the Dolby Prologic IIx feature that will send sound to my surround backs. But when it comes to DTS MA 5.1 movies, the receiver can't send sound to my surround backs. The setting in the Sony player is set to Direct, wich says Straight on my Yammy receiver and the DTS MA indicator is lit but will not let me use the Prollogic IIx feature. So I set the player to Mix instead of Direct and no hd codec indicators are lit. The Yammy reads "PCM + PrologicIIx", which is good because I'm getting the 7.1. The problem is I notice the difference in sound between the Hd codecs vs. the PCM. The hd audio sounds better, more explosive, and easier to hear at lower volumes. Isn't PCM an uncompressed format just as hd audio? Or is the quality of PCM as good as hd audio and I'm only hearing a difference in volume level when the player decodes the hd audio to PCM? If that is the case I would be very happy knowing I'm getting the best audio and 7.1.

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