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Default Re: I just got the new Mark Levinson 512

Originally Posted by Lefisc View Post
We have the same problem here, with dealers not carrying “competitors.” However, in the past, dealers had components on display and allowed you to take them home for an overnight (provided they can charge these on your credit card.) Unfortunately, I had no local ML dealer. The nearest Krell dealer was so far that it made taking it home impractical, which he would not allow to do anyway.

My conclusions about Krell and ML are very similar to yours
Yes it sucks when even in a very large town you only have one dealer he has you randsom if you want that brand unless you are willing to drive two hours but for a $1000 saving I will drive

Levinson is no longer made in the US same with Krell, you guys have a great brand up in Canada called Classé
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