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Default Re: Questions about Yamaha DPX 830

Originally Posted by GCH View Post
New member here , I have a chance to buy a brand new Yamaha DPX 830 with and extra lamp and was wondering if this projector was good. I know it's 720P instead of 1080P but wanted some opinions on this projector since they are not building them any more. I have a Yamaha LPX 500 now and it's been great but the lamp will need replacing soon and ran across the projector for a great price. Also is there a huge difference between 1080P and 720P? I do not have a blue ray player for 1080P anyway. BTW I have the Stewert fire hawk 110" screen What are your thought?
Don't 720p is dead Blu Ray players are $200 time to get upgraded you can pick-up 1080p projectors for very little money
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