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Default Re: A New HD format from Sim2, better than Blu-ray?

Until internet downloading of 1080p/24 with the best audio codecs become feasible (meaning fairly quick downloads at a significantly cheaper price than Blu-Ray and most of the features on a Blu-Ray disc), the audiophiles and videophiles of the world will stick to Blu-Ray.

Obviously, there are many who don't care about getting the best performance and these people will stick with standard dvd's and lossy downloads.

Do I think Blu Ray will ever be as big as standqard DVD's? Of course not. Not even close. But it will be a good stop-gap format for 5 or more years until high quality internet downlaods are available at a reasonable price.

Some people will always want a disc for multiple viewings, but most will eventually go for a downloading service, such as Vudu. But for those that want to have the highest quality collection, the Blu Ray disc is currently the only way. At some time in the near future there will be Blu Ray quality and higher with at least the same features, but unless the current price of quality media arranging servers comes down significantly, along with the multiple TB hard drives needed to sustain a collection, the people that want the best will be buying/renting Blu Ray until the rest becomes feasible.

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