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There are many forms of streaming video, but I'm guessing you are referring to internet based streaming. The issue with the internet streams is a matter of throughput. Most ISPs will not deliver enough data for HD video streaming unless it is highly compressed and perhaps frame rate limited.

U-verse and FiOS are forms of video streaming where they deliver fairly high bit rates to the house. U-verse currently is at 25.8 mpbs and I'm sure FiOS is similar or more. Basically that breaks down to a total of 4 video streams with two of which can be HD streams. The HD streams are in the range of 8-9 mbps each.

Now compare that with DSL/T1 speeds of 1.5 mpbs, you can see the problem with internet based video stream delivery.

Within my house I do video streaming from a central server over my network basically from one computer to another. There are also LAN based media players like the Popcorn Hour and Sage TV that will also stream HD video from a network server or connected computer. Another alternative is the WD TV HD media player that streams HD video from a connected USB hard drive or memory stick. While not LAN based it does provide an easy method of supplying HD video to a HDTV that is not connected to a computer.

I'm not sure I touched on exactly what you were considering, but it is a start.

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