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Default Re: Mounting of plasma tv

My 60" plasma is hung off 2 Salamander uprights. The uprights allow the TV to be raised/lowered and tillted. The issue was that they are really designed to be used with one of their AV cabinets and are limited in weight capacity per shelf. Thus, I built my own AV rack with solid wood and drilled the holes at the same locations and attached the uprights. Simpler said then done. The legs of the stand are 1/2" threaded steel rods used to attach roofs. They are designed to handle 1000s of pounds of weight each. Neopreme washers, metal flat washer, and then a bolt go on each side of the 1/2" hole. All of that stuff can be bought at home depot. The rods are pre cut to 3', 4' and 5'' , but can be bought up to 10' lengths. If you go this route then feet should be heavy duty wheels or I used wood rails.
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