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Default Re: Oppo BDP-83 Early Adoption Program details

I had an Oppo DVD player that was 2 generations old when the PS3 came out, and it's upconversion was head-to-head with the PS3. Add to that Oppo's relentless desire to make this a truly universal player that will even support DVD-Audio.

Based on the quality-proposition, the price is reasonable. Naturally we all want cheaper products to make it easier on our budget, but I paid $400 for my Panny player and would have easily spent $100 more for the Oppo had it been available then.

If the Oppo gets rave reviews once it's widely released, and if it outperforms the Panny, I may get the Oppo next year and move the Panny to another room.

If this Oppo player ends up being "region friendly" like their DVD player, that's naturally another reason to consider this player over other major-manufactured options.
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