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Default Re: Microsoft to Cease Production of HD DVD Drive For Xbox 360

Well, at least you admit you own one of those now dead add-ons. Why buy an add-on? You get a Blu-Ray player in the PS3, one that is update-proof. I guess it would be the cheaper route for the few people out there who only have a 360 and HD-DVD players. Hopefully your add-on would be update-proof as well. It would be smart to release an XBOX 360 with built in Blu Ray, purely for the massive games that could be put in all of that space. Plus Blu Ray has a higher data transfer rate than DVD and HD-DVD so that would help with games as well. PS3 sales are just going to keep outnumbering 360 sales until they release a Blu Ray add-on or internal version. Plus MGS4 is almost here, w00t.
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