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Default Re: A New HD format from Sim2, better than Blu-ray?

This is lame. Yes, Blu-Ray will eventually be replaced by something newer and better. This is not that something. And yes, now that HD-DVD is gone, no major studio in their right mind would begin to support some new format, even if it is marginally better than Blu-ray 1080p.

I mean sweet flying f*ck ! People who have already started transitioning to Blu-Ray will hopefully be laughing their asses off, as there is, in my opinion, absolutely no reason to upgrade, unless you are a complete tool and have nothing better to waste your money on.

Plus, I think this format will be squashed out of existance pretty quickly, due to the fact that no one will support it. There is no point in releasing anything new now to comete with Blu-Ray, since most peoples' setups are either at 1080p or lower. Until there is hardware to support greater resolutions, there is no need for another format.

That being said, the current situation does kinda suck, because Blu-Ray discs have no competition, thus if they really wanted to, they could charge a hell of a lot more than they do (which is already too expensive in most cases). Kudos to SONY and all involved that conspired to cause the extinction of the only decent alternative to Blu-Ray that we had.... Not!
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