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Default Re: A Blueprint For the Future of High-Resolution, 5.1 Music


"Apple owns the space and there is little the majors can do to get it back other than to go back to selling music by album not the download in a video-oriented package with HD audio, HD video, good copy protection with A-list titles at a fair price."

Apple own the stereo download space because they are the champions of creating superior user interfaces, in this case in the form of the iPod. When iPod became uber-popular, iTunes ruled the industry.

For surround music there is no iPod, no other user interface than your browser, a library S/W and your surround music system. That is why I believe there is a play here for anyone willing to make the investment. Create the download market space, start the revenue, relief the music labels of making elaborate surround music albums and grow the audience. Hit Play!

Kind regards, Gerben Van Duyl
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