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Default Re: A Blueprint For the Future of High-Resolution, 5.1 Music

Hi Jerry, I have been a long-time reader (6 yrs or so), just never posted before. You stirred my passion with your call for a renewed future for music in high quality formats.

1 and 2. Yes, we are in agreement. (BTW: FM is alive and kicking in Europe and Oz, maybe less so in the USA.)

3. OK, you caught me out, I am an optimist. I have been in meetings with Studio execs, big cheeses, whose reply to this opportunity for a hi-res surround music download site was: "Great, just what we need! Can iTunes do that for us?" Talk about lack of vision...

So the music industry lets iTunes do it for them. When they come round to it, in about 12 years...

DTS: yes, we were on to a winner, until the majors realised they could do it themselves on DVD-A and SACD and the content deals for DTS dried up. That was the end of that. But thanks for recognising the role DTS played in pioneering surround music. My colleagues will be happy to read that.

Honestly, it would take one large-ish investor with the right knowledge and contacts in the music industry to make this opportunity fly. It would never be as big as MP3-Tunes, but it does not need to be. You answered the question when you asked about the number of surround system installs. Every single one of those is a potential surround music buyer. All they need is an internet connection and a DTS/AC3 decoding chip.

The popularisation of hi-res surround music is the only thing that will keep it alive. The adoption of modern marketing strategies is essential to achieve this popularisation. I don't think it will be done with HD-DVD and BD, it needs to involve digital delivery via the PC. Easy access, instant gratification, tracks rather than albums, low cost, that is how you grow an audience. Album sales will follow.

Kind regards, Gerben Van Duyl
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