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Default Re: Church Sound System Hook Up

Originally Posted by CoShir View Post
The wireless microphone is an AV-JEFE U-010 with 4 wireless microphones. There are 4 XLR outputs (A- B - C - D) and 2 unbalanced (A/B & C/D) outputs as well. Right now I am using only 2 XLR outputs and the 2 unbalanced outputs into the mixer (Yamaha MG102c).
Now I have the picture.
I would recommend, as I described last night, you use all of the XLR outputs of the wireless to the XLR inputs of the Yamaha and feed all the high level sources to the Yamaha's high level inputs then feed the Yamaha's un-balanced outputs to the AUX inputs of the Bogen. Feed the two cable mics to two of the Bogen's balanced inputs and the CD recorder from the Bogen's preamp output.
One other thing I assume you are feeding the speakers from the Bogen?

If I was to walk in to your church this is exactly the way I would accomplish the task and feel most comfortable using it based on knowledge and experience. It is always best to use balanced inputs on microphones. even if in the way I have described is offline   Reply With Quote