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Default Re: Church Sound System Hook Up

Originally Posted by CoShir View Post
I do need the Yamaha as I have a wireless receiver that has 4 mics and there are 2 additional mics that are wired. Those are the mics that I cannot get to record onto the CD Recorder that we have. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
If I read you right your wireless receiver has 4 inputs that you are using as well as the need for the two cabled mics. Also you need inputs on the yamaha for the CD player.
How many mic outputs does the Wireless receiver have one or four? I can't answer this myself as you have not identified the unit.
If four you are feeding them to the Yamaha XLR inputs am I correct?
You should then be feeding the CD player to the Yamaha as well.
The next thing to do would be to feed the Yamaha to the Bogen High level input with the two cabled mics plugged in to the Bogen as well This is a little awkward but workable and then you feed the Bogen recording output to the recorder. and the main out to the speakers.
We had an input problem when we had just a two mic TOA amplifier similar to the Bogen.
We solved it by going for another mixer with a lot more mic inputs, a Mackie 1604 PRO which we bought used on eBay. is offline   Reply With Quote