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Default Re: I just got the new Mark Levinson 512

Originally Posted by Lefisc View Post

Here is where I sort of fail as a high end customer. Yes, I did hear the Krell 505, however not on a “cast” system. However, I did not (and could not) hear it using the same equipment as the ML 512.

What I am saying is that I did not give the 505 the full test run. To me the Levinson 512 had a quieter sound (meaning an unbelievable no noise in background) and the upper end was a more detailed and accurate. The bass, especially on the SACD discs, was also more detailed and real.

I was not able to A/B them, but after hearing he ML 512 it did sound better. Again, it took me a while to get used to such a clean sound.
Where I live (Toronto, Canada), it's almost impossible to do an A/B comparison since no dealer carries both. Supposedly, I was told that some manufacterers will only allow dealers to carry one brand or the other and not both.

In my limited experience in the past, I have found that Krell tends to have more slam while Levinson is quieter with more detail. After I update my surround sound processor, I would be planning on upgrading my ML 380 for possibly the ML 32 or Krell evolution 202.
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