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Default Re: Church Sound System Hook Up

Originally Posted by CoShir View Post
I have a Bogen GS100 receiver, a Yamaha MG102c mixer, a Tascam 900DL CD Recorder, a Philips CD player, and a wireless microphone receiver that I need to integrate together into a working system. I can get results from everything except a podium microphone and a pulpit microphone (that are not part of the wireless system) that are patched into the receiver XLR inputs. How do I get the sound from these microphones to the CD Recorder. All of the wireless mics record to the CDR. HELP ! ! !
It would help me if you could send a simplified hook up diagram of your system.
What inputs are available on the CD recorder.
what outputs are available on the Wireless system as well as make. is offline   Reply With Quote